Halloween Night Meditation with Nikki Mirghafori

Dwight Hall, Halloween Night

Even ghouls and goblins could not stop a large group from coming to Dwight Hall on Halloween night for meditation and discussion led by Nikki Mirghafori, who just that day had ended an extended silent retreat at the IMS Forest Refuge.

Nikki’s guided meditation included the instruction to “treat your next breath as if it was your very first.”  Rather than berating ourselves when our mind wanders, she encouraged us to just note the moment with self-compassion and gently guide the mind back, as if taking a small child by the hand.

Guest speaker Nikki Mirghafori

After meditation, Nikki spoke of her meditative path and answered questions. In 2003, she started to study Buddhist philosophy and practice (after two decades of experience with other practices), and in 2007, took a two-year contemplative leave-of-absence from high tech, and undertook first-person experiential study on the nature of mind through rigorous contemplative training (including a cumulative 11+ months of intensive silent meditation, partly with the renowned Burmese master Pa Auk Sayadaw).


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