Guest Speaker Daniel Ingram says, “It can be done.”

daniel ingram leads meditation

Daniel Ingram leads group in meditative practice of "noting"

On Sunday evening, guest speaker Daniel Ingram, M.D., led 29 people in
meditation and discussion.

The evening began with the meditative technique of “noting,”
continuously and rapidly noting the stream of sense moments such as
the arising and falling breath, hearing, smelling, feeling. One of the
immediate benefits of this powerful but deceptively simple practice,
Dr. Ingram explained, was “it ties up the verbal discursive mind.”

Following meditation, Dr. Ingram gave a staccato overview of the
stages leading to “stream entry” and beyond, noting that these stages
are documented in many spiritual traditions.

Daniel Ingram at New Haven Insight

Dr. Ingram describes stages of meditation

An emergency room physician, Dr. Ingram is co-founder of the Practical
Dharma Movement, which aims at “stripping away dogma and unhelpful
taboos, having people share with others in ways that are down-to-
earth, helpful, and pragmatic, and the vision that it can be done,
rather than a dharma world that is mysterious, artificially
hierarchical, dogmatic, and secretive.”

Information and resources can be found through Dr. Ingram’s website.


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