About Us

New Haven Insight is a meditation community dedicated to the practice of mindful awareness and compassion, with the goal of decreasing (and ending) stress and suffering for all beings.

We welcome anyone who wishes to practice meditation, regardless of previous experience or spiritual background. Beginners welcome! Our primary meditation practice, based on the teachings of the historical Buddha, are insight meditation (Vipassana) and loving kindness meditation (Metta).

We meet for meditation daily at 50 Winnett St. in Hamden and on Monday and Thursday evenings in Dwight Chapel on Yale’s  old campus.

Our group includes members of the New Haven community and Yale students and faculty.  You do not need to be from Yale to join us at Dwight Chapel. We are diverse in age, race, and gender.

See the column at right for current meditation times and upcoming events.  Join our google group to receive email updates, special events notices, and to communicate with others within the community.